Frontline Club: rise of the ‘superinjunction’

It was too good to be true – Carter Ruck and Simon Singh in the same room! Debating libel law! Rargh!

In the wake of the online campaign to reform British libel law, the Frontline Club put together a panel to debate privacy, gagging orders/superinjunctions and whether current laws are a threat to press freedom in the UK.

On the panel were Nigel Tait for Carter-F..Ruck; David Leigh, Guardian investigations editor (he testified during the Trafigura case); science journalist Simon Singh and a slightly nicer lawyer called David Hooper just to make Nigel more comfortable. I had been hoping for bloodshed but sadly there was none. Though the Carter-Rucker did turn up with a ‘The Guardian hates me’ badge pinned to his lapel. Continue reading